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Pervasive Digital Ecosystem Project

This is the overall project review of the PDE project,

Group members:

Project Brief 
The next step in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is emerging, transcending the localised interfaces (such as speakers, displays, and other devices) towards
ubiquitous accessibility, with the aim of enriching the user interface and yielding a positive responsive experience. In this line of thoughts, Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) and Ambient Intelligence (AmI) have emerged as some of the next directions for ICT. While Ubiquitous Computing is about
providing universal and permanent access to information, AmI is about using this access to increase the quality of the experience that a service or content are providing. In general, an AmI system enhances the physical space through technology, media and services. A pervasive digital ecosystem (PDE) is a combination between the technical developments that resulted in UbiComp systems and the aesthetic motivation behind interactive and conceptual art installations. It is about designing a combination of personalised delivery, content, experience anytime, anywhere.

*taken from here, for more info visit his site at  

initially the design brief is as shown as the team work on towards it. The initial approach is to create a persona, a imaginary person, a lifestyle to based it on, we all agreed on created Fred and Wilma, a couple, and in the end we only focused down on Wilma.

Name: Wilma Jones
Age: 62
Spouse: Fred Jones, 65, retired Police Officer, avid golfer and gardener
Family: 1 boy, 39, and 1 girl, 40. (Live in other towns, one lives abroad-USA)
Six Grandchildren- 5-20. (2 Grandchildren at University

Lives: In the suburban area of a small town, in a semi-detached 3 bedroom house with a large

Occupation: Retired secretary, good typist skills. Currently works part time in a charity shop.

Health: Rather fit and healthy besides for Gallstones

Pets: One Golden Retriever, called Bruno, 5 years old.

Hobbies: Attends book club twice a week, is an avid reader; cooking; gardening; knitting.

Technology: Motorola Razor given to her by Grandson, basic computer desktop with basic wireless
package set up study.

Vechicle: Ford Fiesta, shared with husband.

Public Transport: Often uses the local bus service as she has a free Over 60’s Bus Pass.

The initial scenario we came up with on her which could be sum up to:

Wake up, breakfast, goes out, lunch, come back, tea, dinner, television, sleep

A more detailed version could be found here.

The initial scenario is as follows:

Wilma has just returned home after her annual check-up and wants to contact her family to let them know everything went well. She starts work at 13:30 but Fred her husband has the car as he is playing golf. She must take the bus to work but doesn't have a copy of the timetable so has to leave early to ensure she arrives at work on time. During the journey Wilma sees a billboard which reminds her about a TV show she wants to watch. The show starts before Wilma will be back from work so she calls Fred to ask him to record it, unfortunately Fred has left his mobile phone in the car so doesn't receive the call."

(Thanks to Tom for putting this up)

So from the persona and scenario, we sort of identified several problems, mainly the connectivity and time awareness (the bus schedule).

The design style, we though off to style/design is based on the 1960's 70's time when the targeted age group were at their youth period, here's a moodboard on how it is then (credits to Tom)

As such, initially, we though of a device, portable, that goes along with the user, and have a docking station at home and reminds them of things like this. After initial brainstorming, we came up upon several features to be included in. The decided design is tada:
Braun inspired design, a portable device with a docking station 
Here's a video of the initial model/prototype we though of:

After the initial design, most of us were feeling really good about it, thinking like yeaaa this is da bomb, and we really though we could continue develop this concept further onwards but then it hit us, at this point we have not critically assess our concept and idea, and when we did (or when Ben did, Thanks to Ben for pointing out our mistakes), we realize we were actually rivalling a mobile phone and mobile apps at the same time, hence making the idea fairly unreasonable and no viable at the same time. So back to the drawing board again.

We had to run through and have sleepless nights to think of a new concept and idea to come up as we are approaching the deadline. We took at look back at the scenario and think of several new ones once more.
The emphasis of keeping the idea of a product that is like a port at home is a core idea that we all agreed upon.

Looking at the situation, we took upon ourselves to look into several research done in the past on technology for the elderly. There were several valuable information we learned upon. Below are some of the research or article info we found :
The Use of Technology by the Elderly, an interesting paper, on the demography and age range of the elderly who uses certain type of technology, the paper can be seen here.
 Network news on youtube on Fujitsu phone for the elderly, which could be seen below:

An an article on Science Daily, on adapting technology for the elderly, the full article could be read here

After looking into all the info we got, we started to redesign the product once more and took into account how to attract the attention of a person when he/she is at another task at home. 

So after working on the design, we did an initial prototype on the design which could be seen below: 
The idea is that when an information is sent to the receiver, a "pop out" notification happens and it lights up to alert the user to the incoming information, the user could then press on the pop out and read the info easily on the spot. 

The group then came up with a name, so we called it theBOX, :D 
 Here is the solidwork modelling of theBOX 
GA views
Apart from that, a poster is also prepared, tada!

The team then went on with this and build a working prototype for Ben! here are a few pictures of the building of the model.

here's a rough video on the interactions of the product with a user.

Here is a GA diagram of theBOX
and this is the promo video for theBox!

and here's a storyboard, to explain what theBOX does :D, Southpark ftw.
Top left to right and down :D 
This here is the design style justification for the product 
click to enlarge
 Alas in the end all the work is done and handed in :D 

Self Assessment 

The experience from working with this group and doing this project is an amazing one. There are several hiccups here and there from time to time, mainly, on meeting times and when to meet but the group performed together well.  From the start, we all squeeze our minds in to give what we could for the group. The brief for this design is very interesting as it says to produce something mechanical while everything around us is heading towards the digital era, so the mindset challenge is there, for me. Time constraints were there as well, as when we work smoothly at the start just to have a major breakdown at the end, the team stood composed and work well and in this aspect I am truly grateful for everyone, at that point, my mind as already blanked out.

The work we did together was fantastic, I've seen the various skill set each of my group members have, we might lack in frequency of communication but the effort is there and the skills is there with everyone. From making videos to models, making posters and drawings, each one of us compliments each other really well in various aspects of the project. The only part in the end we got caught off is that we need to prepare a presentation.

I feel that with the given skill set of the group, if given more time or if we had found out the mistake earlier, we could deliver a much better product or a much complete working model. Throughout this project, I felt that I have better time management now, I learned more on designing for the elderly, I learned on how to appeal to people by appealing through their imagination, responsibility and many more important lessons that I might have not learnt if not because of these people around me.

Critically, the project was a very interesting one, I would love to see if we could develop it to a full complete working prototype, and test it in real life and receive the feedback, as I believe with the feedback we could all learn a lot more and we could further develop this idea.

To sum it up, the group worked very well, I would like to thank Tom, Daniel, Lucie, Hayley and Leon for putting their hours and effort into this project together and making it happen. Despite it being such a short period, I believe each of us became better at what we did, be it video editing, photoshop, research, solidworks, leadership or other skill and we all learned a valuable lesson from Ben especially, never think that ideas are good before criticising them, because in the end what justify most of what we do is, common sense.

Roland Tay Soh Yew
Group 1

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Ben Salem Video Assignment!

This is a video assignment for Ben, hope you guys can spare the 2 mins if you want to :D. Cheers!


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Mood Board Topic: Destruction

Mood board for the topic Destruction
picture should be able to explain itself hopefully

references :
References for Mood Board picture to the left

Mind map 

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It has been a really long time since somebody posted up anything on this blog, so let's have a quick update on everyone!

I'm at United Kingdom right now, studying

In France, studying

Not so sure, just graduated

Intern, somewhere in KL

Same as one of the above

OKAY! now on to more pressing matters,
It really has been a while, since we last posted anything, so we might need to come up with some sort of "Projects"

Maybe, will be writing some stuffs and things about games (I'm a big fan and follower of some e-sports events and new games)


I'll be posting some of my work online, cause well, sort of need the link
Lets end it with a funny note!

                   The day I start to care will be on the 30th of February                                                                                                      
                                                                                   - Me


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What's UPPPPP 2012

Oh hey again people! Remember potatoSLAM? We're back after a moderately long hiatus, but there's no need for us to apologise because we know you readers are awesome! :D (or maybe you just don't care...)

Now onto the first post for 2012! 
yep, 4 months into the year and we're just kickin' off! Nevertheless we're still more efficient than Kim Jong Un and the North Korean government.

Well if you remember the previous post I made, which was really quite recent like last year (More than just a sinking ship!), Titanic was awesome. More awesome now that there's a new 3D version of it this year! I mean, there ain't any better way to resell a blockbuster movie by making it freakin' realistic and superbly realtime. Now please follow (neither porn nor virus don't worry) the link below to enjoy the new Titanic 3D movie trailer, and enjoy the awesomeness of 3D experience with Jack and Rose!

Another movie being a definite must-watch for 2012 is The Avengers! For the simplest and clearest of reasons, I'll let the following pictures do the talking:



IRONMANNNNnnnnnn..... abs-less I'm sorry girls


BLACK WIDOWWWWWW (...what? you wan't skinship? geez pervs)

Well as you can evidently see from these nice pictures, The Avengers is THE highlight for 2012-bound movies in my opinion. Sure, hypes and expectations have been brought down to earth for some highly-anticipated movies but regardless, no matter how inadvertently the director f*** this movie up, it's still going to be a better movie than Twilight, reasons of which are highlighted via the following link.

obviously the 2 to be mentioned here are the London Olympics 2012 and EURO 2012!

London Olympics 2012
Credit to the British government for making this huge event being realized. If you readers can recall, the lead up to the voting of which country would host the 2012 Olympic Games was tainted with threats of terrorism and several attacks including the underground train bombing. This was a long time ago now, and in a few months time everyone in the world will be fixating their attention to the games, and most notably the opening ceremony which was mind-blowingly done by the Chinese during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

For us Malaysians, there are only two things to really look forward to:

and he says : F*** yeah why not, I've made it to the cover of several men undergarment magazine covers, this is less than a piece of cake. 

...muacks show me more love Malaysian girls!... angmoh girls also can lar!


The painful defeat for Chong Wei four years ago at Beijing was definitely not a level playing field in my opinion. Lin Dan was pushed on by the whole nation of China while Chong Wei was alone in the arena, playing with immense pressure from back home to deliver the first ever Malaysian gold medal at the Olympics. This time, if they do meet in the final, I do fancy Chong Wei as they will be playing in the exact same arena whereby the Malaysian beat the Chinese in the All England finals in 2011.

Fingers crossed!

EURO 2012
Among all of the 5 potatoSLAMmers here, Roland and I will be the ones who will be most hyped about this. Seconded only to the World Cup, EURO 2012 pits the best footballing countries in Europe for a one shot opportunity at football glory. The usual heavyweights include the likes of Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Croatia and of course, England. 

Like many others, I'm a huge English Premier League fan, so is Roland. Thus I usually support England but when it comes to major international tournaments they are often shit. With Spain becoming my second favourite team, Roland and I were both in Perth watching the World Cup finals in 2010 when Spain beat Holland in overtime. I still remember the tension and extreme let off in emotions when Andres Iniesta scored the winning goal, what a moment!

With Argentina being part of South America, they won't be eligible to join the EUROs, so Lionel Messi will be out of the equation. This of course paves the way for Cristiano Ronaldo to be arguably the best player to be present in the competition. (since the whole footballing world always brings up the argument as to which of the two is the best player.)

THEREFORE, other than who is going to win the EUROs, there is only ONE notable question left to be answered!



he's been such a poor scoring form for Chelsea...
...missing literally every open goal available...

...was even an UNUSED sub in Chelsea's win over Barcelona recently.

let's just hope he even gets selected into the Spain squad before answering that question LOL.

Anyway it's going to be an awesome EURO 2012, my money is on Spain to win it!

Lastly, the hottest topic of 2012 is definitely the "pending" 2012 Apocalypse which is "due" to boom our Earth into minced meat this coming December. If that really happens, most of the guys out there would sincerely hope for a zombie apocalypse.

The most discussed theory out there that led to this apocalypse thingy is the predictions made by the Mayans. Apparently their calendar at that time predicts the rise of the sun EVERY FREAKIN day. So what happened was when archaeologists found those "calendars", there was no more continuation of records from end of 2012 onwards. This made some come to the conclusion that after 2012 there's gonna be no Earth. ZOMG? 

so this is the Mayan calendar thingy. looks like a chocolate coin ay?

I've read at several websites that there are actually lots of people on Earth from various parts of the globe taking this extremely seriously. At certain parts of the globe, underground bunkers have been built to prepare for such an apocalypse. Women are afraid to get pregnant as they are worried that their child has no Earth future to look or even live for. 

I'm not disrespecting the Mayans or anything, but scientifically speaking this is just crap isn't it? For the calendar argument, who knows maybe the dude who was responsible for the calendar got stroke down with diarrhea that day or maybe the continuation of the calendar was eaten up by a teddy bear. And hell perhaps the dude was noting down the continuation of the calendar until a naked Mayan chick seduced him and thus causing distraction or something. Just sayin'.

Having said all these, I do hope I won't be forced to eat my words this coming December. Even if I do, like I said previously, the apocalypse which I won't mind having is: 

whereby shooting is legal and there's no science and engineering to worry about.

and shit that Barrack Obama would do...
reason em well Barrack! make it a tax free country.

and to hell with the upcoming new Resident Evil 6 movie and game...
we'd love experience real time zombie shit.

Anyway that's that for the first potatoSLAM post for 2012! It's getting shitass cold here in Perth so right now I'm gonna grab myself a hot cookie and indulge myself in some relaxation.

Gotta enjoy ourselves while we can aight, who knows Mr. Apocalypse does come knocking at our front door? O'hai pizza delivery! 

Till then, may the force, whereby f = ma, be with everyone!

Signing out,

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More than just a sinking ship!

Titanic - The best piece during the 90s which blew everyone's mind away (that time) for it's realistic reincarnation of the tragic events of the sinking megaship on 15 April 1912. No doubt that everyone has watched one of the highest grossing movie of all time, only surpassed by James Cameron's very own Avatar, but upon rewatching it again last night I realised numerous points which we can learn from it in making sure we nail an A during relationships. Yeah, relationships woo! John WOO! Ok that's lame.

Prior to reading this, if you haven't watched Titanic before (WTF), go watch it. If you've watched it before, well, watch it again. If you don't give a flying damn about Titanic, well, GO WATCH IT.

Let's look at the supposedly "romantic" moments the main characters portrayed in the movie. Aww the lovely couple, Jack Dawson, played by the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio when he was still looking young, good and rather gay. Though it's much better than the old fart he looked like in Inception. And of course, Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, who never seems to grow old.

Seriously, Rose DEWITT BUKATER? LOL name but I guess poor Jack fell for her boobs.

Anyway, to my point,


So they first met at the stern of the ship. Rose was about to jump to freeze her boobs off and die a sad death until the looking-ever-so-gay-in-this-movie Jack stopped her from doing so. Then on another lovely evening, he brought her to the stern of the ship and did the following scene which couples everywhere nowadays tend to mimic, and the you-jump-i-jump theory.

Jack: * wanna move me hands higher*

Certainly this scene will move the hearts of many romantics out there. Too bad lately the you-jump-i-jump concept is often misused. Nowadays people tend to do i-jump-alone. Exhibit A, Bintang Megamall in Miri. Not that Leonardo DiCaprio gives a damn about any romantic concepts, look at him! He just wanna lay his hands on those. you know. It's the same thing for all us males. When it comes to hot girls, it's our balls talking rather than our brains.

2) ***!

Or should I put it in a more appropriate manner - Intimate- err, Scene.

You sick bastards have been waiting for this one huh. Nothing much to add here, other than nailing the girl good. Nuff said!

What's for dinner!!!

says James Cameron.

Anyway yeah, to succeed in a relationship we've gotta do a Jack. All we've gotta do is nail the **** **** out of ******* ************ and **** ******!!!

3) Dramatize things: Be a Drama King/ Drama Queen

Spice up things a lil' bit. Don't keep things dull! When you go out on a date, keep things INTENSE and INTERESTING. Say you're going to point A, don't just take the direct route. Go to point A via point B, point C, Starbucks, point D, DOTA, point E then reach point A. Oh throw in Golden Lily just for the sake of killin' more time. Heck maybe you can even go visit Bui's house along the way!

Note of Caution: Bui might be half-naked when he's at home.

Rose decided to make Jack love her more. Yeah, one sex scene wasn't enough. She wants more! What better way to make a guy love you more than PROVING YOUR LOVE by doing the most ridiculous things out there.

Yeah let's maximize the picture for a better effect.

Rose wants to be with Jack. Jack's eyes have "I wanna bang you again" written all over em.

it would have been epic if she'd slipped and dropped down. imagine Jack looking from above, going all...

Anyway yeah. Rose jumped back due to her uber love for Jack. Here's the thing, she could have just said to the Titanic crew "NOOOO I'M STAYING WITH JACK". However, she decided to spice things up before reaching point A (staying with Jack on the sinking ship)

- Hold on to Jack's hand tight before letting go and agreeing to board the boat.
- Look up to him with those puppy eyes.
- Wait for the boat to be lowered several floors just for longer screen time to look at Jack.
- Look at Jack with those puppy eyes again.
- and again. (hopefully earning herself a Grammy Award, which she did not lololol)
- Oh not so simple, make sure that she doesn't get a clean jump. Cling on to the side of the ship for a few seconds and needing people to pull her back.
- Wait for Jack to scream, like he actually did in the movie, "ROSE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ROSE!"
- Knowing that she nailed it, run all the way back to Jack and say the usual I-Love-You before hugging him and kissing him.
- Then lastly maybe get another sex scene in but too bad the Titanic was sinking so the lovely couple couldn't afford the time.

4) Hire another dude to make yourself feel like a HERO!

Yeah guys, (TAKE NOTE BUI), pay a lil cash to some dude to "harm" you and your beloved girl. Jack did it to perfection, hiring Rose's fiance Cal to chase after em with a gun and missing shots deliberately whilst Jack holds her hand like a man and led her on a runaway. Oh and make sure the gun has live ammunition of course.

wtf Cal looks like a fag here. What's with the hairdo and his eyes.

ah this is more like it. too bad he's wet. wait that doesn't sound right.

Right. After successfully avoiding all the fired shots (of course), don't forget to hold your beloved to your close and look into her eyes with your very own assured eyes. Remember to tell her that everything is going to be alright.



Russell Peters says BE A MAN! Well, remember to BE A GENTLEMAN also. Do the ladies first thingy. When you're going out on a date and going to a fine dining place, move the chair for her and let her sit first. When you're watching a sad movie, let her cry on your shoulder first before crying yourself like a pussy. When you think you're gonna fail your exam, remember to let her fail her own exam first before failing your own. And yeah when you're floating on the Atlantic Ocean and you found a floating piece from the ship, let her get on it first!

Rose, I swear, my balls are freezing.

And to top it all off with the best effect ever, Jack made sure that he stayed in the freezing water and died of hypothermia. or did he?

Jack: *okay i'm gonna play dead*

Perhaps he was just playing dead and wanting Rose to love him more and never let go! Yeah, never let go, that was his plan. Apparently Rose wasn't in sync with him, thinking that Jack has died she DID let him go. So when Rose let him go, he realized it too late and yeah. died of drowning rather than hypothermia.

So yeah guys, especially Bui, we CAN learn a lot from this movie aye? That's why when watching the movie, I realized that, its More than just a sinking ship!


Jack never forgot that Rose let him go.

It's gonna get really personal alright.


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5 saddest things to do alone (according to potatoslammers!!)

Doings things alone sucks, unless you really need to do it alone, like "private time" (sup guys& some girls) anyways here is a list of things that SUCKS IF YOU DO IT ALONE, and its really sad, and the other thing is yeah after living alone right now you can justify this for us here, if not, tell us something else, maybe we'll add in,
But apart from that, heres the top 5 saddest thing to do alone so please please please avoid all these and if all hopes fail, call a helpline or parents or prank call someone!

5) Eating alone 
                              yes its cool if you did this 
The case:
Well i'd say all of us already experienced this at least three times, and yes it sucks to eat alone, and well yeah it just really sucks. whats the funny thing is, heck this is actually some psychology problem, where people are just as sad there. Apart from that, its actually unhealthy, there are a lot of people out there knows how sad it is to eat alone and they rather skip a meal than actually eat alone, like this link here saying half of USA eats alone hence depression a lil bit, and this site here can help "teach" peeps how to eat alone....(wtf?). In addition to all these, theres actually a 9 step protocol on how to eat alone at wikihow..(wtf? they actually have stages to go through in this?) so yea..... depressingly sad.
The solution: 
Find some friends to hang out and eat, or eat with your family, sure they will go out with you if you sound sad and desperate.(Or if nobody wants to, its just because you're just a dick) and well there is another simpler solution, its called "tapau" or take-away. If you ever so end up in these shit, just cook at home, (its hard to screw up spaghetti and prego sauce), OR take away mac D or KFC or whatever meals there is, just just just dont... eat alone... unless you want to act cool in front of some peeps who'll just look at you peeps and say "O.o LONEEERRRRR"

4) Going shopping Alone
The case: 
Going shopping alone, well at the shopping center, looking at stuffs, going into the SUB shop, ALONE, really sucks, like what these group of people have to say "looking at people awkwardly"..(really after going to shop alone do you need to have a stare-down with other groups of people)... WEIRD, and well when you go window shopping alone, you'll just get really weird and sad. Apart from that, shopping alone, looking around peeps with company, and especially if you're at a foreign country, it'll be quadrupole  madness. Apart from that, going out alone, peeps will look out at you guys, and say WTF is this person doing alone.
The solution:  
Well, go out with some friends if you don't want to shop alone. IF you do really need to shop alone, just get what you really need in and out no question asked. So apart from that, having a stroll in the park is healthier than window shopping alone and speaking of going to places alone....

3) Going Clubbing Alone 
         for this part playing daft punk while reading will be nice
The case:
Its friday night, you want to go have fun, its awesome to chill at clubs, meeting with girls socializing with friends, acting cool in front of peeps, showing off shits with your friends, doing stuffs with them and getting drunk and in the end like all epic stories in every movies, you forgot what just happen yesterday and start bullcrapping of stuffs to your pals the next day, so in this story as you can see, friends sort of play a big role in this. And well here are some peeps who talks about if its cool to go alone... so well you be the judge in this case. (well, ill add on another link where it be really weird just to read this)
The solution: 
Just.... don't go to clubs alone... i don't think theres any decent way to really sort of solve this, unless you really just want to go and meet up with other peeps. OR just being cool, acting awesome. OR its FRIDAY and you need to go somewhere on friday... speaking of friday....

2) Celebrating Your Birthday at TGI Fri's ALONE 
                                               it's Friday! Alone.. F*ck 
The case: 
One day, its your birthday! where else to celebrate better than a place where they give free stuffs during that epic day!! just one problem... you're alone... and yes it really sucked. ( I went to tgif alone one time, and i sat there eating drinking watching the game, and everyone around me are like at least 2 at the table.. gosh i was so alone till the waiter actually took some time to talk with me, thats sweet from her.. sad from me, and i can't imagine if you be celebrating your birthday alone there) so yeah its sad and really, wtf? AND wtf? theres a site teaching how to celebrate your birthday alone. And theres a site where girls celebrate alone too..
The solution: 
The sad thing is celebrating alone.. so go be with your family or get around with your friends, if you really need to celebrate alone... go online and do something else!! so enjoy your time and let do something else, like lets say..baking a cake? maybe?  so errmmm don't let it drag you down!! Still its better than.....

1) Watching movie ALONE 
             i walk a lonely road.......... towards my seat all alone..... 
The case: 
Well..... i just cant say this but... this really is sad.. and somehow there is a debate in the net saying its better to watch movie ALONE.. saying you can enjoy it and embrace it better. (personally... WTF?) Apart from that going to the movies alone... damn man... seriously..... just ... think about it first and well looks like this people are trying to justify why you should watch alone. tho in the end... theres actually theres a wikihow on how to have fun watching a movie alone. . . . . . . . . .
The solution: 
Just don't.. f*cking do it..... ever.. its just really really really really exponentially sad, its the ultimate emoness and... i did it before.. f*ck why did i say that.....

Written by,